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Each website and situation is unique, which is why it usually takes us 3-4 days to create a custom audit and performance report.

While this is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis, it does identify key factors that tell you how well your current website is working — and if you’re ready to use additional tactics for lead generation and content marketing.

Once the review is ready, we’ll notify you by email, and/or call you directly.

At that time, we schedule a short, 30-minute call to go over the information and answer any additional questions you might have.

In the meantime, if you have a rush project or just want to talk in detail, you can call us at 877.597.7395. Or, shoot us an email at

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I believe in paying it forward, so I’d like to give you a gift in return — my new eBook, ‘A Guide to Creating an Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Personas.’

It also includes bonus buyer persona worksheets to help you get started with better B2B lead generation.

~Myrna B.